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Most recent update: 2022.04.01

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Timo Vandrey



Set Sail and Conquer!



That phrase has always been my motto. You think its too radical?

I tell you why its not.

I've always been interested in the new and unknown, eager to understand the underlying mechanisms of nature. The hoisting of the sail, off to uncharted lands. I usually do not shy away when I face a difficult problem.  I navigate through the strongest of storms and try to get the best out of it. Just like a pirate, energetic with a fire in my heart, I want to get to know the world better, find beauty in nature, and master the things I find on my way - the conquering. Step by step I want to make the world a better place, and become a better me. Admittedly, usually pirates don't make the world better but worse, but hey, no idiom is perfect, right? Plus it sounds cool! 


I studied Electrical Engineering at the HAW Hamburg in Germany. Before that I worked full time at Philips Medical Systems GmbH, where I also did my apprenticeship. During my apprenticeship as a mechatronic (for automation systems) I became more and more fond of electronics and soon decided that I would be studying it in the future. In my time as a student I also worked for several companies, most notably at Philips Medical Systems GmbH as an assistant to my former manager, at PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH as an desktop application programmer, and at pickplace Consulting GmbH to write my bachelor thesis. My bachelor thesis' title is "Development of an image analysis platform with hardware accelerated artificial neural network" where I used the Xilinx DPU IP to create an embedded system and was able to build solid ground work as know-how for the company.

Currently I am employed at pickplace Consulting GmbH as an Embedded Electronics Engineer and am able to build up even more skills in this field.


A few years ago I found my soul partner and now wife, who is Japanese. Before that I was already interested in the Japanese language and culture, so naturally I'd steer my career into a direction where I would be able to become an expat in Japan. Having an basic understanding of the language and being fluent in English, I am ready to undertake that journey. While working full time - I want to focus on my professional skills and my Japanese, as I want to be as fluent in Japanese as I am in English, maybe even more. 


So what defines me? I am naturally myself and open to people of all kinds and from all places. Being socially adaptable while still holding my own beliefs I can tackle all problems, no matter whether they are of social or technical nature. With diligence and high ambitions I strive to achieve my goals - usually being able to get a win-win out of every situation, or at least a compromise. Having a fine eye for detail but enough discretion to get the important things done, helps me to make my work clean and efficient. Often I am valued for my humor and technical expertise, but in the end, the only way to really get to know me is to talk and maybe even work with me.

So why not ask me?


This website is to show a bit of how and who I am and to show my projects. I also have an Instagram account if you want to see a bit more personal stuff of me. Take a look if you're interested. Thank you!

Working experience

pickplace Consulting GmbH

04/2022 - Today

Embedded Electronics Engineer


pickplace Consulting GmbH

11/2021 - 04/2022

Working student, writing my thesis


tecis Finanzdienstleistung GmbH

05/2020 - 04/2022

Trainee, Consultant Assistance, Self-employed


PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

03/2020 - 10/2021

Working student, Software developer


HAW Hamburg

11/2019 - 01/2020

Tutoring the C++ programming language


Philips Medical Systems GmbH

09/2012 - 09/2019

Working student, Management Assistance


Philips Medical Systems GmbH

07/2015 - 09/2016

Mechanic for high voltage cable assembly

Educational background

HAW Hamburg

09/2017 - 04/2022)

B. Sc. Electrical Engineering (B.Sc. Elektro- und Informationstechnik)


Berufsfachschule BBZ Norderstedt

09/2016 - 07/2017

Advanced technical college entrance qualification (Allgemeine Fachhochschulreife)


Philips Medical Systems GmbH

06/2012 - 07/2015

Apprenticeship as a mechatronic (for automation systems)


Schule Kisdorf

2002 - 2012

Intermediate school-leaving certificate (Realschulabschluss)